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Driving into Asia

1561991 driving-into-asia

V8 Supercars Chief Executive Officer James Warburton wants at least two Asian events on the Championship calendar by 2017.

The category is running a demonstration at the inaugural KL City Grand Prix this weekend, and Warburton believes this is a sign of things to come, with at least one other Asian event on the horizon for V8 Supercars.

Speaking to v8supercars.com.au earlier this year, he revealed that an MoU was signed for 2017 – and Warburton again reinforced the value of a second race in Asia yesterday.

The V8 Supercars are set to return to Kuala Lumpur next year, with the event becoming an additional Championship round on the calendar, though Warburton reminded fans only limited international events would make the cut moving forward.

“We’ve been very clear about the fact that we’re an Australian series that will have a couple of international races – two maybe three in time – but...

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Delays at KL City Grand Prix

1561993 delays-at-kl-city-grand-prix

Friday 7 August 2015 11:10
By: V8 Supercars

The V8 Supercars will take to the track at the KL City Grand Prix this afternoon after the morning sessions were rescheduled to allow final preparations for the event.

Closing down streets in the heart of the city has been an incredibly complex task and the new street circuit was finalised this morning, with safety checks to be completed before any cars take to the track.

Teams walked the track this morning to assess the circuit, with drivers and engineers discussing the layout of the track and how to tackle the tight street circuit.

V8 Supercars CEO James Warburton said: “This track is such an audacious and ambitious build, year one there was always going to be teething issues so a delay of a few hours is not unexpected. However the track will get full FIA certification later this morning.

“We’ve walked the track this morning and it will...

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Kelly: The track is crazy!

1561995 kelly-the-track-is-crazy

After acquainting themselves with the precinct hosting the KL City Grand Prix, the V8 Supercars drivers believe the racing won’t be for the faint hearted around the tight street circuit.

The teams will complete a proper track walk this morning at 6.30am local time (8.30am AEST) but from what they have seen looking around the streets, they’re in for a challenge this weekend.

Four of the five selected to represent the category and their brand in Malaysia are Bathurst 1000 winners; all are race winners and three Barry Sheene medalists (fairest and best). All V8 Supercar manufacturers represented with Craig Lowndes (Holden), Scott McLaughlin (Volvo), Will Davison (Erebus Mercedes AMG), Chaz Mostert (Ford) and Todd Kelly (Nissan) the first to sample the circuit before next year’s Championship round.

The roads utilised for the circuit could be likened to shutting down George Street in...

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Drivers experience KL's sights

1559997 drivers-experience-kl-s-sights

The V8 Supercars drivers had the opportunity to get a taste of Kuala Lumpur ahead of the first Malaysian street race, seeing some of the impressive sights around town yesterday.

Holden’s Craig Lowndes, Ford’s Chaz Mostert, Volvo’s Scott McLaughlin, Nissan’s Todd Kelly and Erebus’ Will Davison had the chance to see the traditional and glamorous parts of the city ahead of the first KL City Grand Prix, which begins on Friday.

The drivers enjoyed the opportunity to soak in some sights before getting down to business, and even got to sample some of the circuit on foot, walking around the walls as local traffic continued to use the streets which weave through the centre of Kuala Lumpur.

The first stop was the National Mosque of Malaysia, where the drivers were required to don lavender coloured robes and remove their shoes before entering

“I should’ve worn my socks without holes,” Kelly...

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Passion and vision the driving forces: KL Grand Prix Chairman

1559999 passion-and-vision-the-driving-forces-kl-grand-prix-chairman

Passion and vision – that is what has gotten this week’s first ever KL City Grand Prix off the ground according to Y.A.M. Tunku Naquiyuddin.

The eldest son of the10th king of Malaysia, Tunku is the Chairman of the KL City Grand Prix and has pushed for the street event to take shape and showcase his wonderful city.

While there have been some challenges running an event through the main part of the city – which could be likened to shutting down George Street in Sydney or Collins Street in Melbourne – Tunku has made it happen with a vision of rivalling Macau in the future.

“I think it all starts with passion and vision, really,” Tunku told v8supercars.com.au.

“Bringing 30 races here is slightly easier [than to Sepang, the circuit around 60km from the city] and it’s great for the economic impact because they’re coming with thousands of people.

“So the vision was really to put Kuala...

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KL race demonstrates the way forward

1560001 kl-race-demonstrates-the-way-forward

A street race in the heart of the city, showcasing the beauty and wonder of an Asian destination – that’s the perfect model for V8 Supercars racing in Asia, according to CEO James Warburton.

This week’s KL City Grand Prix will see race cars – including five V8 Supercars, in Malaysia for a demonstration – weave through the streets of Kuala Lumpur, below the iconic Petronas Twin Towers on a tight, tricky street circuit.

Even today traffic flows through that part of the city, which also houses foreign embassies – but tomorrow it will be a fully blown race track.

KL City Grand Prix CEO M Arrasu has said the central street race model has generated interest from neighbouring cities such as Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila – and for Warburton, it is the ideal model moving forward for both V8 Supercars and the destination of choice.

“We’ve had some fantastic racing overseas but it has tended to...

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Erebus strikes new partnership with Phono Solar for KL City Grand Prix

1558277 erebus-strikes-new-partnership-with-phono-solar-for-kl-city-grand-prix

Thursday 6 August 2015 11:00
By: V8 Supercars

Erebus Motorsport has welcomed international renewable energy company Phono Solar as primary sponsor for Will Davison’s #9 car at this week’s V8 Supercars showcase in Kuala Lumpur.

In a new partnership reached through the team’s association with its regular primary partner Solar Australia, the Erebus Motorsport entry will feature a brand new colour scheme with Phono Solar branding on the doors, bonnet and rear wing of the car for the feature event.

The Erebus Motorsport #9 entry is one of five cars hitting the streets of Kuala Lumpur for this week’s V8 Supercars showcase at the KL City Grand Prix as part of the sport’s return to Asia.

Davison and a seven-member team representation from Erebus Motorsport arrived in KL on Tuesday in preparation for the first laps on the street circuit tomorrow (Friday). 

Erebus Motorsport Chief Executive...

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Mostert talks through KL track map

1558279 mostert-talks-through-kl-track-map

While the teams and drivers won’t be in a position to properly analyse the KL City Grand Prix street circuit until the official track walk on Friday morning, young gun and form driver Chaz Mostert already has some ideas of the nature of the circuit.

The Pepsi Max Crew Prodrive racer – who sits third in the Championship after winning the last race at Queensland Raceway over the weekend – experienced a new international circuit for the first time in his debut season, 2013, when the V8 Supercars journeyed to Austin, Texas.

This time he is one of the five drivers who get a sneak peek of the Malaysian street circuit, before it is added to the Championship calendar next year. The race runs through the centre of the city, past the incredible Petronas Twin Towers.

Mostert explained his first impressions of what the track may be like, going off advance information given to him and the teams...

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John Bowe: The Planets are aligning for Winterbottom

1556401 john-bowe-the-planets-are-aligning-for-winterbottom

How weird is it when the 60k races on hard tyres on the Saturday is out there and the most entertaining racing of the weekend?

Normally the Dunlop hard tyres cause the drivers to take more care, but it was crazy great entertainment, whereas the soft Dunlop Sport MAXX tyre usually produces all the fireworks.

The racing may not have been as much of a spectacle on Sunday but it was still just as tense. There were battles within battles and no-one leaving anything on the track. 

When I got home I watched the recorded Foxtel races, how good a job do those guys do? 

Mark Skaife is impressive and my old mate Russell Ingall - who has a good head for radio - is proving to be a very talented TV presenter. Motor racing has never been so well represented on our TV screens – ever!

The amount of live action/coverage we now get is unbelievable, even our Rare Spares, Shannons Insurance, Enzed...

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Lowndes: Down to feel, not technology

1554593 lowndes-down-to-feel-not-technology

For Craig Lowndes, setting up his V8 Supercar in Kuala Lumpur will be a return to the good old days.

With V8 Supercars managing data control, there will be less information for teams to work with – so Lowndes says it will all be down to instinct and the feel of the car, as he looks to dial the car into the new street circuit.

This week’s KL City Grand Prix will be the first event staged on the Malaysia streets, near the Petronas Towers, and five drivers have the opportunity to see and sample the circuit this week before it is added to the calendar as a Championship round next season.

“At the end of the day, I think it comes back to more of the old school for me,” Lowndes said when asked about setting up the car for the circuit.

“A lot of the setups and the changes we do to the cars are all going to be by our feel, not necessarily by technology which is great, it’s like going back to...

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